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The ROUND function works both sides of the decimal place

Most people who have used the ROUND function will have used it to the right of the decimal place. =ROUND(A1,2) This will round cell A1 to two decimal places. So 3.1415 will become 3.14. And 2.718 will become 2.72. But … Continue reading

A cute Excel conditional formatting quirk

Let's say I conditionally format cell A10 based on the contents of cell A1 using the formula bit of the conditional formatting feature and leaving A1 undollared. I then copy A10 in its entirety to A9. Because Excel can’t base … Continue reading


I recently found out how to do the equivalent of a SUMPRODUCTIF, a formula that doesn't exist in Excel. Here’s the detail on how. First of all, some context. SUM does exactly what it says on the tin. It sums … Continue reading

Useful custom formats

Some neat Excel custom formats A few nice custom Excel formats for you to use. <;;;> Stores a value, but doesn’t display it <00000> Always stores five digits. So 453 becomes 00453. Useful for US zip codes <[Black] General> To … Continue reading

Paste Special between Excel instances

If you have two instances of Excel open, you can’t Copy | Paste Special between the two. Which can be a bit of a pain. Instead, create a new spreadsheet in the destination instance, paste into that, and then Copy … Continue reading

Charting shortcut

If you select a range of data and hit F11, Excel will create a default chart on a new sheet based on that data. It's often useful as a throw-away action just to visualise how your data trends. Or you … Continue reading

Formatting shortcut

CTRL+1 is a very useful shortcut to bring up the Format Cells dialog box.

1900 was not a leap year, despite what Excel might have you think

If you enter 29 February 1900 into Excel, it will recognise it as a date and format it such. But if you can find a calendar dating back that far, you'll discover that 1900 was not a leap year. This … Continue reading