Calculating basis points

Here's a handy spreadsheet to help you calculate basis points, and prorate their charge as necessary. Simple, but useful.

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  1. RacerDeb says:

    Need more assistance with basis points than shown here. Can you help with how to construct an excel formula to show the result of this basis point formula in either negative or positive result rather than just the difference between two cells that contain basis points?


    N3 is 12.8030223528177%
    D3 is 12.67%


    N4 is 10.95%
    D4 is 10.90%

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Dan says:

      I think you have your bracket in the wrong place. =(ROUND(N3,2)-(ROUND(D3,2)*10000)) should be =(ROUND(N3,2)-(ROUND(D3,2))*10000)

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